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感謝您參與 g0v Summit 2016 ,希望在這兩天的活動中,在每位會眾者心中,都已播下 civic hackers 的種子。這次的大會由 80 位 g0v 的工作團隊義務籌辦,為了能讓下次 g0v 的年會,有更好的活動品質,煩請您撥冗填寫以下會後問卷,讓我們有改善和進步的空間,也期望在未來,我們都能一起創造更多開放的公民參與精神!

g0v Summit 2016 籌備團隊

Dear participants,

Thank for for being with us at g0v Summit 2016! :emoji_2764: We hope you enjoyed the event and gained valuable insights.

Please spare 10 minutes to take part in this questionnaire. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will enable us to better plan and execute future g0v summits! 

g0v Summit 2016 Organizing Team 

議程 / Program

餐點 / Food & Dessert

口譯 / Simultaneous Interpreting

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