TEDxTaipei 2013 Intro

Design Challenge Topics Brainstorming

TEDxTaipei 有個 Design Challenge 的 Session,我們要想個簡短的「大哉問」(是由我們向觀眾提出的問題,也可以想成是一個用來討論的起點),由 TED 製作成很大的海報貼在牆上,然後 Kirby 會站在海報前以這個問題與觀眾互動。那麼要用什麼問題好呢?

English Abstract

Kirby Wu is one of g0v.tw’s founding members. Kirby is a software engineer and web developer who loves hiking and photography.

In October of 2012, a 45-second, government-sponsored, “economics boosting" advertisement for economic policies was aired. Priced at 4.5 million NT dollars, the ad conveyed the obfuscating message that it’s not citizens’ business to understand what the government is doing. The first g0v hackathon was borne out of frustration on December 1, 2012, and attracted more people than expected. A booming community was ignited.

We at g0v.tw are devoted to both promoting open data and developing software platforms for civic participation in public affairs. By replacing the letter O in “gov” with the digit 0, “g0v” represents the digital generation’s reassessment about the role of government. Based on open-source software collaboration models, g0v is involved in freedom of speech and information by providing citizens information services that are easy to use.

Information transparency helps citizens better understand public issues and how the government works, allowing citizens to make more informed judgments (not based solely on mass media), participate in governance, and ultimately build a more democratic society.