Dear all,

Update CITS#602

Refer to the follow analysis, it’s necessary to wait for SPREADTRUM’s analysis on issue#1 and issue#2.

602 [CHT3G/CHT2G][MTMOcall][WFT] Slot1 MT call met 8 times Miss call(2 continuous miss call for 2 times).[V01A:A51DTUL= 8/46: 1/49]   1.Fatal Open SPR.raymond.miao SAMANTHA_CHIU N/A



=>  UE was directed to URA_PCH state to receive page. In logs, we can find UE can receive page type1 successfully.

But, the received paging message were not expected to MT UE. I found the strange point is that there is nothing in paging type1 message.

Thus, it’s better to let SPREADTRUM  engineer to look into this symptom and double check it.


// UE in URA_PCH state


// UE can decode Paging messages but no content in this messages.



Issue#2: 15/37

=>  MT side has received paging message, and it tried to established signaling channel but finally fail.



NW issue: 15:34

=>  MT side performed LU so that UE can’t receive paging message temporarily.