Key Performance Indicators

1. Percentage of the guideline process: 

For the target user (like Mrs.D) can go through the whole evaluation process (100%). And other secondary users at least finished phase 2 (33%).

2. Time on website page more than 5 minutes: 

According to the data of Medium Corporation, I calculate my demo website with adult reading speed on average is about 5 minutes which means users have read almost the whole article.

3. Click through rate of hyperlinks more than 3 times: 

During the guideline process, there will insert 4 main buttons of the hyperlink for appliances table (phase2), personas, clock diagram/ touch points (phase3), and line chart of historical data.

4. Page views of the website: 

After website launched, through SEO makes PVs more than 1,000,000. Of course, I need to do some advertising and marketing campaign to reach the goal.

5. Carbon reduction and money saving:

The user’s average carbon reduction, and money saving is more than 20% (The percentage depends on the user’s behavior and location).