Charter of Taiwan



非立憲、也非修憲。無需任何單位核准,無需請示。一群兩千萬自然人的彼此約法。Supreme Law of the Land!



Title /Charter of the People & the Country of Taiwan

Preamble /前言:

Whereas on the Islands of Fomosa there have been continuously inhabiting indigenous peoples, whether considered aboriginal or native, 

Whereas such inhabitants have through generations already united as one distinct people and established one permanat and uniform country over the entirity of the Islands of Formosa and Pescadores, 

Whereas such inhabitants have named the Islands “Taiwan,” and thus named themselves collectively as a people after which, and

Whereas we unanimously recognize oursevles as the decendants, inheretors and individual constiuents of this people,

We the People of Taiwan hereby enter into a conventant to proclaim as the supreme statue of Fomosa and Pescadores, this Charter to be enacted and entrenched in perpetuity, in order to uphold and safegaurd our natural and inherent right to autonomouly govern these Islands and Ourselves, against subjugation to and persecution by any state, regime, authority, power, or administration.

ARTICLE 1. he Islands of Formosa and Pescadores constitute Taiwan, of which we are the free people, and the right, title and claim of which we assert exclusively and naturally.

ARTICLE 2. Taiwan shall never again be made a part of another country, nation, or state, that is not of Taiwan’s own origin, whether by means of treaties, agreements, conquest, coersion, or occupation. 

ARTICLE 3 he People of Taiwan by means of democracy form as the sole and highest authority a Government of Taiwan, which owes its sole allegiance and sole accountability to the People and the country of Taiwan, and which defends itself and Taiwan against any incoporation, annexation, union and subjugation by another government, state, regime, authority, power, or administration that is not of Taiwan’s origin