"A World of DEmoKoin" - A decentralized world vision

 - The fifth wave of democratic revolution based on blockchain technology


Decentralization of blockchain technology will be most possible to shift domination of authorities. As an institutional technology that includes economics, politics, culture, but lacks users, the blockchain design of democratic currency and similar attributes must be realized through its implied socio-political value. The development of blockchain technology will be closely integrated with the evolution of democracy and will occur and boost each other in the form of a social movement.

Democratical Digi Currency,“ DEMOKOIN“,  will facilitate citizens obtain access to economics independence of the existing system. The “Social Organization Toolbox”, SOTX, will help people to carry out social self-organization more effectively so that people can achieve peace under the principles of openness, open source and free competition.Therefore, Justice and continuous stability of democratic ideas and political structural can be changed. In the end,  the Project of DemoKoin and SOTX  aims to achieve a “Utopian Framework” under Nozick’s semantics, in which people can establish various forms of political and economic ties through creative labor in an open network.


According to the Freedom House 2018 survey[1], global freedom has declined for 12 consecutive years. The people under dictatorship became increasingly incapable of starting a revolution and lacking the confidence to rebuild after the revolution. At the same time, the enemies of the people are becoming more adept at using their various resources to expand their power advantages and undermine the existing democratic process.

The globalization of neoliberalism did not bring better solutions to the original political problems. On the contrary, all those powerful monopoly capitals took advantage of the absolute disadvantages of people in cooperation and established a stronger global influence behind the scenes. Powerful power discourse penetrates into every corner of our social life.

Blockchain technology has great potential for social value, but blockchain innovation has not the order boundary with the real world, so its development potential faces policy and market bottlenecks. Combining the social innovation of blockchain with the common appeal of the new wave of democratization movement, establishing a new political and economic ecology in the real world will be the key to changing the status quo and reshaping the future.


DemoKoin:An independent and efficient monetary system can provide us with an economic foundation that can be self-rewarded, helping social movement participants to obtain a flexible, autonomous and diversified value creation and exchange environment that is furthermore than traditional funding methods, breaking existing market mechanisms and The political reality is bound by our concept and initiative, and builds a more tenacious economic ecology in the revolution of daily life. A True Value incarnated Currency.

SOTX:A blockchain citizen square that detaches from the original authority system conduces to discomfit the boundaries created by Knowledge Domination and Division of Society and accelerates to spread the area through cooperative development and sharing of modular and instrumental social organization tools. Blockchain industry developers, isolated participants of social movement, and more types of value contributors gain access to a variety of scarce resources and development benefits, including market, user and technical support, meanwhile reducing costs of social organization and governance of blockchain social innovation, and increase the transparency of technology SOTX.

Such a reliable economic and political operation allows people to establish their own social foundation in the process of self-organization and to carry out spontaneous social reconstruction in the process of spontaneous resistance. The strong continuity of revolution and reconstruction not only helps to stimulate the enthusiasm and sense of responsibility of value contributors but also helps to solve the complex social problems in advance, thus avoiding domestic infighting after the traditional revolution due to the power vacuum the nation.


In the first phase, the DemoKoin will serve as an evolutionary version of the “Continental Congress”, helping people in autocratical countries to end political and economic oppression. DemoKoin will be released through “airdrops” and public offerings. The so-called “airdrops” will allocate funds to the online and offline democratization movements audited by the foundations around the world, and integrate the human resources, tools and intellectual resources necessary for social development through economic incentives to provide self-empowering and sustain social movements, the economic and organizational ecology of development. Public offerings invest in the future by fundinging in DemoKoins. The value theory of the DemoKoin is based on the proposition of the old system destruction and the new social reconstruction. Therefore, the participants of the social movement created the value of the DemoKoin and reflected it through the investment of people’s legal tenders, and finally realized the social resource of the old system conversion. Based on the success of the first phase, democracy will use competition as the mainstream digital world currency in the future, as a reserve settlement currency that reflects the value of other individuals or groups in the future production relations and governance forms.

To help people use the blockchain self-organization, the SOTX will provide preliminary organizational functions such as deliberation procedures, legal development, currency distribution, etc., so that people can establish their own political and economic community in a simple way. People can also customize the new features they need in the open source software market. More and more detailed social organization functions will be submitted to the shared code execution library through modular development, which is convenient for people to select and improve their needs. Social organization and governance functions. The democratic order based on the operating model of open source software enables people to form any governance form that exists in the mind, such as LEGO bricks, thereby reducing the technology and governance costs of community creation and operation, and increasing transparency.

Community compatibility is the key to the success of this cultural and social movement. We need not only a stronger developer community, but also different voices in different fields, as well as the blockchain ecosystem that the public can understand and participate in. Breaking the boundaries between different communities and the link between technology and reality will allow the originally dispersed blockchain industry developers, isolated social movement participants, potential investors and broader value contributors to gain access to the market. , users, confidence, intelligence and implementation methods, including a variety of scarce resources and development advantages. Therefore, our community needs to be able to provide translation, resources, technical support, and public services to the public to reduce the difficulty of spreading knowledge in this avant-garde social movement, so that as many people as possible can contribute their strength.

1.Democracy in Crisis, Freedom in the World 2018, https://freedomhouse.org/report/freedom-world/freedom-world-2018