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This work, by Kali Stull and g0v contributors, is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 International license.

Kali Stull來信

I am member of the research team for Urban Lab Network Asia (more information below). For a short documentary, we have been reaching out to different makers, hackers, artists and activists around Asia to explore the question - "Is the city a laboratory?"  

I wanted to throw that question to you as a group. What do you think? Feel free to respond however feels best to you - video, audio, text...

The documentary will be open access and we will confirm with you before anything you contribute is included. 

Thanks so much and let me know if you have any questions. 

Urban Lab Network Asia is a research project investigating the role of urban labs, maker spaces, and hacker collectives, in the context of South and Southeast Asian urbanization. Through ethnographic research of urban labs working across the region, we are working towards the construction of an online platform that will work for organizations in their own place and time to enable a collective network of knowledge and operation. As a foundation of this work, we are hoping to interview and document encounters with activists, organizers, and community groups who are experimenting with urbanization processes through various types of design-led inquiry and applied research. The outcome of this research, a film titled “Is the City a Laboratory?” and a working-documentary process assembled as “The Multiple Must Be Made,” will be included in the forthcoming NTU CCA Singapore exhibition Incomplete Urbanism, and will help to develop the web-based platform labnet.asia.

Q: “Is the city a laboratory?”

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