HCD Class 2 - Workshop

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(Ideally finish these in week 1)

01 Questions, Comments, & Takeaways—10 mins // 30 mins

  1. What were your big takeaways about the Class 2 Inspiration phase Readings?
  2. I am inspired by the detailed guidance about learning from people, such as asking for tour and capturing quotes.          
  3. I liked the Photo Essays as a way of looking through the day of someone’s life, and a playful thing for the participant. 
  4. Do you have questions about the readings? 

02 Choose Your Design Challenge—15 mins // 3+ hours

  1. How Might We Enable More Young People to Become Social Entrepreneurs?
  2. How Might We Provide Healthier Food Options for People in Need?
  3. How Might We Make Urban Communities More Resilient in the Face of Big Changes?
  4. Find out more about the Amplify program at ideo.org/amplify, and gather inspiration about the challenge topic at http://www.100resilientcities.org. Then return to this Activity 02 and consider if this is something in which you and your group would like to participate.
  5. Take a look at this especially: http://www.100resilientcities.org/blog/entry/six-big-reasons-we-focus-on-cities#/-_/
  6. The Amplify program is planning to launch this challenge in late September 2015. If you follow the course schedule, you and your team should be heading into your own prototyping phase as the Amplify challenge opens up the Ideas phase. This will give you plenty of time to test around with your prototypes before adding your idea to the OpenIDEO platform.
  7. Nice!!!!! Let’s go for it!

03 Team Knowledge & Assumptions—10 mins // 20 mins

  1. What are the aspects of the challenge that you already know a lot about? What are your assumptions? 

04 Plan Your Research—1+ hours // 2+ hours

  1. People to Learn from (Precrafted—3+ individuals // Personal—8+ individuals)  

05 Build an Interview Guide—1+ hours // 2+ hours

  1. Open General: What are some broad questions you can ask to open the conversation and warm people up?
  2. Then Go Deep: What are some questions that can help you start to understand this person’s hopes, fears, and ambitions??
  3. Personal Details|Motivations|Frustrations|Interactions

(week 2)

06 Conduct Your Research—To Be Determined by Your Team

Agree on the Length of Your Research|Divide Into Research Teams|Select Locations to Visit|Select Roles|Do Quick Debriefs