Asking for your support for Same-sex marriage in Taiwan

Subject: Asking for your support for Same-sex marriage in Taiwan


Dear [機構名], 

My name is [名字]. [自我介紹]. I am writing to ask for your support in pushing forward with legalizing same-sex marriage in Taiwan. 

On November 28th, nearly 20,000 Taiwanese gathered outside the Parliament, demanding Taiwanese government to legalize same-sex marriage by amending the Article 972 of the Civil Code. It is now a crucial time for the LGBTQ community in Taiwan as we’re waiting for the second reading in the Legislative Yuan, and Taiwan is on the verge of becoming the first Asian country with marriage equality. 

As a Taiwanese-American, I hereby seek your and [機構名]’s support. Since [機構名] has done tremendous work for the LGBTQ community, your support would mean a lot to us and the LGBTQ community in Taiwan. We sincerely hope that [機構名] would support us by: 

Starting with a press conference in Washington DC, participants more than 20 cities in the UK, Germany, the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan are gathering in the next two weeks to support the amendment of the Civil Code. We hope to convey our support to the Taiwanese LGBTQ community as well as legislators and activists who are still fighting for marriage equality. 

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.