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I am the co-host for the event Support Taiwan’s Marriage Equality @ SF and I want to invite [_____________] to join this event with us on Saturday, December 10th at 2pm at Harvey Milk Plaza.


Even Cheng


Place: Harvey Milk Plaza on Castro Street

Time: Saturday, December 10th at 2pm

Facebook Page:

Our Statement:

We are gathered to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community in Taiwan. We call upon the legislators in Taiwan to legalize same-sex marriage by amending Article 972 of the Civil Code, which currently only recognizes heterosexual marriage. As Taiwanese and LGBTQ right supporters abroad, though we are unable to join the movement in person, we stand here to show our support for marriage equality in Taiwan. 

We condemn the bigotry and lies that homophobic groups in Taiwan have been spewing. We stand here to support and celebrate love. We also demand that the Tsai Government do more to advance LGBTQ rights and legalize same-sex marriage, as President Tsai clearly promised during her presidential election campaign. Let’s stand together and with our actions today to help make Taiwan the first country to legalize same-sex marriage in Asia.

Best Regards,