g0v Summit 2016 講者介紹資料

Julia Kloiber

Julia Kloiber – Open Knowledge Foundation Germany

Julia is an activist who’s passionate about growing open communities. Since 2013, she has put her background in design and media studies to use as a project lead for the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany and as a consultant for The Engine Room. Before joining the ’Open Movement’, she used to work in political campaigning and video production.

Julia has been running multiple community projects that foster the reuse of open data, such as Germany’s first Civic Tech Incubator ‘Stadt Land Code’ and a series of hackathons on transport, energy and citizen science. Code for Germany, her latest project in collaboration with Code for America, is a civic tech community with 24 labs and more than 350 members all across Germany.

Julia leads open data projects in close collaboration with companies and governments alike. She also enjoys speaking at conferences: here’s her TED talk ’Let’s build better digital tools for our cities’  In 2015 she co-organized the international Code for All Summit in New York, a two-day conference that brought together leading experts and practitioners in civic tech. In 2016 she will be kicking off a prototype fund for civic tech projects in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany.

Julia holds a Master degree in New Media and Digital Culture from Utrecht University.

http://juliakloiber.com/ https://twitter.com/j_kloiber