Dear all,

Update CITS 581.


581 [CHT 3G][MO call][WFT] Slot1 MO call met 4 Keep dialing then end,[V01A:A51DTUL=4/50:1/50]   1.Fatal Open RICKY_WEI SAMANTHA_CHIU N/A


SPRD response:

As you see in spectrum’s report in “[V01DUG][CITS581]MO_Failure_-_Slot1_MO_call_met_4_Keep_dialing_then_end.pdf”.

The four MO calls failing to dial were attributed to following three root causes.

1.      Slot2 performed LU so Slot1 can’t dial out *1

2.      NW disconnected call directly *1

3.      Radio Link Failure *2

You can find more detail analysis in attachment.