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g0v 介紹

g0v.tw is an online community, the purpose is to pursue the information transparency of government operation. By developing platform and tools, People from all over the world is able to participate and contribute. Substituting the “o” with “0″ in gov, the new “g0v” stands not only for rethinking the role the government plays, but also represents the world view of 0 and 1 in the digital natives generation. In the spirit of open source, g0v cares about freedom of speech and open data, writing code to provide citizens the easy-to-use information services. The transparency of information can help citizens understand better about how government works, to understand the issues faster, and to avoid monopoly of media, so the people oversees the government more efficiently, and involved in actions more easily. We expect that this could help improving the quality of democracy.

g0v 的緣起

Origin of g0v

In 2012, when the government released an advertisement of its Economic Power-Up Plan, Wu was not satisfied with government’s asymmetrical and non-transparent attitude. He became skeptical about its policy execution efficiency and direction. Therefore, he and his friends work together to found g0v.tw. The organization launched its first event in December of the same year, named “g0v.tw hackath0n”. It attracted more participants than expected.  The group officially started from that hackath0n event.

g0v 的參與者

g0v.tw has a great variety of contributors, including web developers, high-classed programmers from famous corporation (like Google, Apple, Yahoo, HTC, Canonical, Mediatek, Trend and etc.), elite hackers, professors, NGO/NPO activist, students, writers, artist, designers and other professionals from every aspect of jobs. People gather here to share his or hers expertise, work together to generate meaningful results. Everyone is always welcomed to join g0v.tw with passion and a devoted attitude.

g0v 的推動方式

g0v.tw 活動以兩個月一次的黑客松(註)工作坊為主軸,參與者自主提出專案邀集不同專業者加入,透過 g0v.tw 的實體、線上平台媒合各方資源,協作出專案成果,不定期會舉辦小型黑客松工作坊。分散式的組織強調自主參與的能量,鼓勵大家找出問題、提出解決方案、參與討論分享資源,以實作代替按讚。

(註:「黑客松」hackathon 即 hacker’s marathon,是自主參加的密集合作活動,通常在一到兩天的限定時間內由提案、分組、工作、成果報告都自發加入,許多提案在活動前展開線上討論,當天實體活動迅速整合,能在短時間衝刺出初步成果。)

How g0v works

The  bi-monthly workshop g0v.tw hosted consists of volunteers from different  walks of life. Their projects assemble its task force from the physical  and online community of g0v.tw, Every task force has its own Hackathon*  and workshop. Such kind of decentralized, distributed organization  greatly promotes spontaneous participation, which is a catalyst of  problem-solving, discussion and actual implementation.

How g0v promote itself?

G0v.tw held "hackathon" workshop every two months. Participants propose projects invitation for people to join from different profession. They work together to present result at the end of the day by using professional resources from online communities.  G0v.tw also held small unscheduled "hackathon" workshop in Taipei city for smaller projects.  G0V focus on  decentralize workflow and independent contribution from each member.  It encourage and motivate people to find the problem, propose solution, join and share resources.  Action instead of.................(還沒想到要如何翻)

(Hackathon: Hackathon is the combination of hacker’s marathon.  It is a independent workshop that run by participant and willing contributors.  It usually made project proposal, divide workload and group, presentation all within one day or two.  Many of the project proposal start from online dicsussion.  Therefore, it can conform ideas together in shorter amount of time and have solution at the end of the workshop.  

g0v 的發展

從開源社群協作開始,零時政府也逐漸與政府、學界、非政府組織、及國際相關機構合作,提出政策建言、合作開設大學課程、實際與 NGO 工作者嘗試新的運動工具與模式,並串連國際科技公民力量,將成果以及開源協作的文化擴散到各領域。近期社群各項發展,可參考即時更新的 g0v 公報共筆區

G0v Evolution (not sure if this is the good word for it)

Since the inception of the group, G0V also try to get in touch with government, academic society, NGO and international organization to propose governmental polices, college courses. Working with varies NGO group to tryout the new working model for social movement.  It also try to connect with the international technology citizen to present and share the open source movement to different area in the globe.  For recent G0V activity, you can check out the newest update at  News Briefing



g0v.tw - 公民駭客協作


g0v.tw - Engaging Collaborative Civic Hacking

Over the last year, members at g0v.tw have demonstrated ways to combine online and offline activism. Following the model established by the Free Software community over the last two decades, we transformed social media into a platform for social production, with a decentralized cultural & technological framework.

g0v.tw, a civic movement by informed netizens who work toward participatory self-government. It was born out of frustration at government’s blithe lack of transparency at the end of 2012. Here are some of our ongoing progress over the last year.

The unifying idea behind our contribution is indeed simple: Take a hands-on approach that combines the best practices from Free Software, Civic Media and Social Activism with public supports into an active community around Information Transparency.

Looking toward 2014, we hope that our collaborative process will inspire more people to identify the issues they care about, and use this cooperative space to develop the strength to overcome feelings of powerlessness. In conjunction with fellow movements committed to information transparency, we strive to create a better, more enlightened future.

CC-By 4.0 g0v.tw contributors








社群約有 3-4 成是非資訊背景的參與者。文字、插畫、翻譯、設計、議題分析都對公民參與行動有重要的幫助。 先參考一下「我是...,如何參與黑客松」。如果有想進行的專案,歡迎到社群找尋同好,問問題或討論議題。

 I don’t know programming. May I join g0v?


30 to 40 percents of our participants have no background experience in information management or programming. Skills such as composing, illustrating,  translating, designing and issue analysis are all helpful for citizen participation. You can reference the article "My role in g0v" first if you want to develop or participate in a project. We welcome all kinds of people with different skills set to join us.  Please feel free to ask questions or discuss any issue with us.


g0v.tw 是分散式的社群,如果想贊助活動或專案有幾個方向:

Is there any ways to provide small donations and will g0v publish the donation information to the public?

G0v.tw is a distributed community. If you want to sponsor the activities or programs, here are some known ways.



g0v 是用便於操作的方式顯示政府提供的資訊。透過資訊透明化,大眾更容易監督政府,也更容易基於事實來討論。至於這些資訊要如何解讀,這仍然是大眾自己要評斷的。資訊透明也不限於政治領域,民生教育領域的資訊透明,也能幫助提升我們減短蒐集資料的時間,更迅速找到需要的解決方案。

Is this an anti-government organization?


We provides a more convenient and organized ways to interact with as well as to present the information provided by the government. Through the transparency of the information, the public can oversee the governmental operation more easily and discuss the issue based on the facts. The interpretation of the information will still be open to the public.  It does not limited to political issues.  We also try to provide transparent information to livelihood and education issues.  Thus, it will shorten the time people spend on information gathering, and encourage people to focus on finding solutions to the issues on hand more rapidly.

駭客?所以是想癱瘓政府網站嘛?或像 wikileaks 嗎?


「黑客」是指對計算機科學、程式設計方面具高度理解的人,也泛指願意用不同方式解決問題的人。國內外越來越多公民科技黑客 (civic hacking) 社群,鼓勵運用網路科技、資料數據促進公民社會的進步,與破壞電腦的 cracker(媒體常翻譯為駭客)不同。

與 g0v 類似的國際社團有英國的 MySociety、美國 Code for America、Sunlight Foundation等等,這些社群團體也都不是癱瘓他人網站為目的,而是推廣資訊透明與公民參與。但 g0v 社群才剛起步,還有許多可以推進的,歡迎一起來行動

wikileaks 主要是公布非開放的機密資料,g0v 則是推廣政府開放資料政策,並實作各種可能的成果,促進多方發展。在目標與方法上都與揭露機密資料的行動完全不同。

Hackers ? For paralyze government’s websites? Or like Wikileaks?


The term "hackers" refers not only to those people who have high understanding of computer science and programming, but also to those people who are willing to solve problems with multiple tools and skills. There are more and more civil hacking communities popping up at home and abroad. They encourage people to utilize internet technologies to promote development of the civil society. This is totally different form crackers who undermine computers.

International communities like MySociety in England, Code for America in the US and Sunlight Foundation functions like g0v. They are not aiming to damage other sites, instead they want to promote the transparency of the information and citizen participation. There are still a lot of improvement we can do in g0v since it is still in its infancy. We welcome all of you to join us.

The site Wikileak primarily leaks the classified governmental information to public, while g0v promotes transparency of government and free flow of public available data. We conduct experiments and get feasible outcomes,  attempting to promote diverse development. What we do is different from revealing classified information.

沒關係, 等下次有機會我能幫再幫

歡迎來到網路時代,不用等下次,現在就可以上共筆 hackpad 分享,可在相關專案留言討論,或直接開個專案吧!:)

That’s OK, I will try to help next time around!

Welcome to internet generation, there is no need to wait. You can leave messages and share your opinions in the project page at  hackpad right now. Or, you can create a project via hackpad if you have the motivation and urge.  Change does not come by itself.  Just do it.


專案除了便民外, 也有「示範」或「展現概念」的意味在, 因此與其花很多時間把它弄得很完整後再上線, 不如在有概念雛形時就先釋出, 一來刺激其他民眾 / 政府單位對於專案變化性的想像, 二來也可以更早得到各方的回饋及協助。這一點是採取 Open Source 運作模式 release early, release often 的大原則,也順應專案投入資源較分散化的去中心工作模式。

Unfinished prototype is hard to use. Why can’t you release finished products?

Some of the products from our projects are release in its mature stage while some are released early "to demonstrate possibilities" or "to show a concept". Therefore, it is better to showcase the concept once formed rather than spend a large amount of time finishing it before we share it to online communities. The first reason to do so is to stimulate the general public and to show the possibilities to the government. The second one is to get feedback and assistance from the communities at the early stage of the development. This cycle came from the Open Source Movement "release early, release often". This also goes with the decentralized working model and decentralized contribution to each projects.

更多 FAQ 陸續彙整中。。。



Join Us

g0v 的文化



Must Know Cooperation Tools.

與 g0v 溝通


Communicate with g0v community

There are numerous participants and diverse projects in g0v community. Here are some ways to get involve with g0v community.




Culture at g0v

G0V is fully decentralize and free community. Projects started and ran by self-motivated community members. Works are proposed, participated, and cooperated voluntarily. All the activities are not mandatory. "Ask not why nobody is doing this. You are ’nobody’." is the motto of g0v. Because "nobody" is (omnipotent) your power to contribute. (希望不要用那麼難的字, 在美國那麼久, 還看不懂這個字,要查字典) Many of g0v members came from open source community. We encourage Open Source/Creative Common License, therefore knowledge could be share and enhance by contributor from different parties. What are the greatest momentum of the community? Look into social issue with kind spirit, analyze the problem, then come up with a awesome proposal to the problem. We welcome to join this vibrate group.

Participant from different communities members

We welcome different perspective from various angle.  Therefore, we welcome new citizen from different profession to contribute to our project. Programmers, issue followers(i.g. NGO, NPO, citizen reporters, independent media), designers, writers, artists, and PTTers are able to contribute their strength to projects. Please refer to My role in hackathon




社群決策機制:動民主 feedback








運用資訊科技、分析問題、協作分工,數位工具為公民帶來更多的可能性,群眾不只是等著被號召累積連署數字的散戶,我們可以一起作點什麼,來累積公民參與所需要的基礎工具。g0v.tw 每兩個月舉行一次大型黑客松,是社群實體協作的主要方式。


黑客松是兩個英文字的組合, hack marathon ,簡稱為 hackathon。就是一群工作者,在一個時空裡面(通常是一天到兩天),進行馬拉松式的協作活動。在密集的時間、空間,大家把自己的腦力、體力全部貢獻在某個專案上面。





每兩個月舉行一次大型黑客松(70-110人),活動前兩週會開放線上報名。期間各組、個別成員也會不定期發起小型黑客松(15-30人),可密切注意 g0v.tw 各社群網絡(fb後勤中心, g+, twitter, irc),以及報名網址(如下)。


Digital tools bring more possibilities to civilians via information technologies, question analysis and cooperation. The public are not individuals waiting for recruit and sign the petition. We can do something and make basic tools for citizen participation. G0v holds large-scale hackathon every two months which is the primary way for the community to cooperate.

What is "hackathon"?

"Hackathon" is a term, a combination of "hack" and "marathon". It means a group of workers going on a marathon-cooperation activity at the same time and space, usually in one or two days. Everyone goes on brainstorming and making every effort to a specific intensive project.

P.S. The term "hackers" refers not only to those people who have high understanding of computer science and programming, but also to those people who are willing to solve problems with different tools and skills.

The run-down of hackathon

Hackathon is an eventheld throughout the day. Participants introduce themselves and proposers propose projects in the morning. Then participants are divided into groups, work on different projects and give a summery of the project development. The prototypes of those projects are often finished on the day. These prototypes often can be finished on the day. Through these prototypes, more people can get to know about the project and are willing to be committed to them.

How to register?

Every two months, large-scale hackathon is held and the number of the participant is about 70-110. Online registration will be available two weeks before the event. Each groups or individuals will hold small-scale hackathon (about 15-30 people will participate). Please pay attention to every community in g0v.tw (such as g0v General, g0v on Google+, g0v on Twitter, IRC, etc.) The following are registration web pages.

Event information and registration site:





g0v.tw 多項專案各自進行但互相串連,與社群互動可以至線上公開討論空間:

g0v.tw has many projects that inter-connect with each other, you are welcome to participate in the social media at out website.



這個團體從2012年後期發起。剛開始是為了呼應政府一則超瞎的廣告,創始人們捐出了他們在Yahoo! Open Hack Day的獎金來主持第一場g0v黑客松。從那之後開始,g0v黑客松就每兩個月舉辦一場,而g0v也慢慢成為一個追求資訊透明的團體,尤其針對政府開放的主題。

How did this group begin? 

This group began in late 2012 out of a response to an extremely lame governmental ad, founders donated the reward from Yahoo! Open Hack Day to host the first g0v hackathon. Since then, g0v hackathon is held every two month.  G0v became a group that pursue information transparency, especially for open government topics.



Do you know the other members in real life?

Thanks to the regular hackathon held in Taiwan, some of us do know each other in real life, but a large part of the works are done via online collaboration, so many of us never met in person.


對g0v正在進行的專案有興趣的人可以實體出席黑客松來加入我們,或是直接在網路上參加專案,像是 IRC, Hackpad, GitHub, Google Groups, 或是社群網站比如說 Facebook都是可以的。

How to join g0v?

People who interested in what g0v is doing can join us offline through hackathons, or directly participate in the projects online via IRC, Hackpad, GitHub, Google Groups, and/or SNS like Facebook. 



How do you use HackPad in your project?

We use Hackpad to allow public contribution and participation. 

What does the group do on the Hackpad?

The project of g0v is focus on developing the communication platform and tools that allows people  to participate public policy and other society issues.



What are some of the goals of your group?

G0v cares about freedom of speech and data transparency. We think citizens should have a better understanding on how the government works, so they can monitor the government more effectively through which shall transform democracy process.

What does g0v want to achieve?

G0v cares about freedom of speech and data transparency. The implementation of the project are able to make the people understand how our government works that people can supervise the government more effectively. Moreover,  we are looking forward to make the change of  our democracy.