Money, Politics and Transparency 開放政治體系宣言


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Sunlight Foundation將在2015-07-23舉行Money, Politics and Transparency的workshop,著重討論一民主政治應有的開放政治體系規範,例如政治獻金應無限期公開上網公布等,歡迎直接在該段落加註給予意見或翻譯,如不屬任何段落歡迎寫在意見回饋,統整後將回饋給Sunlight Foundation。

Speed Geeking:

I am from g0v in Taiwan, you might think where is Taiwan? Here in UTC+8 time zone, a small area right? but if we calculate the area by the number of people online, Taiwan become much bigger!

g0v substituting the “o” with “0″ in gov, rethinking the role that the government plays from the bottom up. here is someone describe the g0v(walkingice), g0v is a platform, you could find people with different talent to join your project, these are stickers that let people put on your arms on hackathon, I personally like the Push one, it means you know someone good or interesting at doing something, you push them to do that, it’s a very powerful skill !

That’s talk about project that I did at g0v which related to today’s topic, I’ll say it’s a resume for candidates.

I’m not concerned about society before the first vote I had, my first voting experience was I just vote the one my Mom suggested, after walked out from the booth, I felt really upset, I think the hard-earned democracy was wasted by people like me, I was wondering: if democracy is a good system, is there something missing?

Here is the electoral bulletin in Taiwan, although I would like to see what they did, not what they say they will do.

This is what we finally present to citizen, including the voting record, bills, attendance record, political contributions and personal property of the candidates.

That’s focus on the money, the original political contribution data our government present in pdf, let us use another way to display that, you could find where his money come from and where he spend more easily, for example: it’s easy to find out he spend lots of money on advertising. you could check it out on this link.

But there are some big obstacles, first, government data published with a 6 month delaying. so we can only disclose contributions to a candidate after the election which is kind of too late. Second, we couldn’t get the transaction data online, we need to walk into the building and print it out on paper only. Last, hard to produce easy-understanding and meaningful information from transaction data, for example, corporation usually donate via subsidiary companies, it’s not so meaningful if we can’t group money from same source.

What we’ve done with the transaction data was really tough, after the printing and scanning, we cut out every cell of the table, put it into a captcha service let everyone type what they see, the result was not bad, 300k data cleared by 10k people within one day, but there’s still plenty of data in that building we haven’t got yet.

Public officials need to report their personal property in Taiwan, we also transform it into something like balance sheet for them, so we could tracking the change of their property more easily, for example: this legislator’s land become more and more in four years.

Last, I’ll show you a situation which is ridiculous to me, the personal property data will expire and been destroy, like food. But I can still crawl it in someway, so the data clearly didn’t been destroy like they said, it’s just not provide to citizen I guess.

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