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Coer Lee

24 hours ago
Unfiled. Edited by Light Wu 24 hours ago
先釐清 crash 原因是什麼, 是因為 500 嗎?至於沒有 whitelist 的狀況, 我要問一下 Fun88 的區域限制政策是什麼, 因為 Fun88 是跨國營運, 跟 GGcarry & TLC 不一樣, 基本上下載頁應該地區限制會比上述兩個品牌寬鬆很多, GGCarry 會在下載頁去擋掉非中國 IP, APP 內的話登入基本沒問題, 但 INPLAY 產品本身也會擋非中國 IP
Light W already fixed it.
Should be..., 不過 production api 要先好
Production URL
Staging URL
Q28: 交易历史记录 > 上个月内,三个月内,六个月内 was it filter out record by days?30,90,180 days without TIME?(means filter by date, not datetime)
now api parameter is from date ~ to date.
Transfer history need TIME, but deposit and withdrawal no need, because it's different api call.

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