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Bai Jasmine

1623 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 仔魚 , kjcl , Peace , Bai Jasmine , YiTzu , Irvin Chen 1623 days ago
仔魚 2018-10-17 vTaiwan 【拒絕裸照外流】談網路內容之管制措施線上諮詢會議共筆
  • 影片
Audrey T
  • 議程
18:30~19:00 報到
19:00~19:10 主持人開場、自我介紹
19:10~19:20 主持人議題說明
19:20~19:30 vTaiwan與女人迷#CodeforGender問卷結果
19:30~19:40 網路防護及申訴處理分享
19:40~20:50 交流討論
20:50~21:00 總結
Audrey T
  • 開場簡報
kjcl English: 
  • Discusses how the Chinese government uses DNS-pollution to block internet traffic and filter internet block internet traffic and filter internet traffic. 
  • Taiwan wanted to use DNS-pollution to block unwanted traffic as well(?)
  • Today's topic: "How do we tackle the problem of non-consensual pornography without infringing on the public's right to free speech"? 
  • 專家報告
  • IWin believes that issues like these should be regulated on a per-corporation basis on their platform. 
  • Only about 39% of unwanted content is actually 'unwanted', according to iWin. 
  • Sometimes people report content that is acceptable but against their personal moral code (i.e. reporting content that depicts LGBTQIA+ folk, because they are homophobes....)
  • 80%  of unwanted content that needs to be removed is from foreign platform  providers. Around half of the time, foreign providers comply. 
  • Only 120 cases went to the government due to ambiguity. 
  • Different ways of handling unwanted content
  • (Uncertain?)
  • Interstitial with content warning
  • Age restriction
  • Outright restriction
  • Details the way that iWin classifies non-consensual pornography currently
  • First Case: Taichung
  • A second grade girl's parents found pornography of his daughter online. 
  • Went  to iWin since the Family Protection Center in Taichung didn't know what  tamily Protection Center in Taichung didn't know what to do. 
  • iWin went to the relevant country and attempted 
  • The  account that uploaded it, also included a ton of child pornography. We  flagged this with the relevant government authorities. 
  • Second case: A High Schooler's kid's pornographic images were posted on Tumblr. 
  • Tumblr ignored the parent's repeated requested to take down content. 
  • Third Case: how does facebook regulate this? 
  • Facebook reviews content pretty wholly, rather than usually requiring iWin to flag. 
  • That being said, iWin has been happy to flag on behalf of people in Taiwan. 
  • Often,  people are afraid of reporting to the police, and iWin encourages them  to flag it with the platform maintainers, for instance, in the case of  an account that collected pornography from people and then extorted them  for money. 
  • However, taking down these malicious accounts quickly results in more malicious accounts. 
  • Usually, flagging with Facebook is good because they are pretty responsive. 
  • Fourth Case: A girl flags a google drive link with hundreds of pornographic images of children. 
  • Government requires victims to consent to an investigation
  • Usually victims are not comfortable coming forward. 
  • What do we do ? ? ? ? 
  • 專家提問
kjcl English: 
  • What is the point of regulating if foreign platforms are outside of our control, and that is where the majority of internet traffic flows? 
Peace iWin
Bai J 補充婦援會服務分析資料
Peace 林誠夏
無論這個法案是否通過,我們應該要考慮有一個專職單位來聯繫網路平台進行照片下架(例如美國的 CCRI 跟英國的 Revenge Porn Helpline )。

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