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3466 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Yen-Fu Lin 3466 days ago
  • Goal: To raise $15,000 ~ $25,000
  • what's the budget plan on this?! Why $25,000?
  • wow I like this number!
  • I'd like to have $25,000 for budgeting but why so much?
  • Well, I just made up this number. I think at least we will need 15,000. 
  • might have to explain/justify why $25,000... it will help when asking for larger amount of donation
  • budget sheet required. Need someone with finance background to do this. Wasn't there someone who said they were consulting? Time to bust out those excel sheets
  • This number depends greatly on how big the event we want
  • Need to form a budget committee asap and core team to figure out the scale of the event
3467 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Eric Tsai 3467 days ago
  • Get more people understand g0v and involve in g0v

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