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1 hour ago
Unfiled. Edited by 大威 1 hour ago
大威 Presenting YOUR Social Ventures
Team homework:
1. Prepare your final presentation. Make sure to apply the tips for presenting we talked about in session 12, and talk about:
I. shortly:
- Your value proposition
- Your MVP-video (in case you refined it)
- Your project platform
II. more in detail:
- Your pivots
- Your current status 
- Your results and success evaluation
- Your plans for the future (scalability and sustainability)
Individual homework: 
2. Think about Lessons Learned (no need to submit)
- what did you like in the course?
- what did you not like? Why?
- Suggestions for improvement?
13 hours ago
Unfiled. Edited by che wei liu 13 hours ago
che l
  • 課題
  • 如果不是用地址定位,而是資料集內即有經緯度,Awesome Table 仍需要透過再定位的方式,但新的位置有偏差
  • 原始:25.124804, 121.530661
  • 新定位:25.1248835, 121.5307158
  • *
15 hours ago
Unfiled. Edited by fiorella 15 hours ago
  • 不能討論已經通過的政策與法律(如富人,但可以討論如何增進既有的程序,包括將全國性公投提案權從「政府發動」改為「人民也可發動」
  • Cahiers de doléances (lists of grievances) 的形式:États généraux (三級會議)
  • 地方公民會議
  • 網路諮詢平台
1 day ago
Unfiled. Edited by che wei liu 1 day ago
che l 民間專案
  • g0v 獎助金提案 - 誰在BOT?
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