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  • 柏林 betahaus | Coworking Berlin - Let's work together! 
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  • 垂直岩壁的攀岩「地圖」
  • MapIt was written back in 2003 as a postcode lookup to power the original mySociety sites such asWriteToThem. Over time it gained features such as point lookup (for FixMyStreet), and when Ordnance Survey data became freely available in 2010, it was rewritten and made public for the whole UK. Versions have appeared in other countries, such as Norway, and in 2012 we released a global version based on OpenStreetMap data.
  • resilience.io is an open-source, cloud-based regional platform, which gathers satellite/earth observation, open government and crowd-sourced economic, social and environmental data together in one place, in an understandable, palatable and visual format.
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  • 若在 Google My Map 新增點位或是移動、編輯內容等動作,Google Spreadsheet 內容是否會一起修改?
che l
  • Ans: 不會 ! 各自獨立
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