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15 hours ago
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che l
  • 建築物資料 
  • 夜景
2 days ago
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*New York's rooftop farms provide fresh local produce - and help stop a sewage problem
*The Philadelphia Land Bank has a new strategic plan that recognizes that not all vacant lots will become housing, and has suggestions for neighborhood open and green spaces, gardens and even side / rear yards.
che l *The Greenworks program, which serves as the City of Philadelphia’s sustainability plan, first launched in 2009. Its initial phase concluded in 2015. To view Greenworks reports released between 2009 and 2015, visit Greenworks Progress Reports.
4 days ago
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  • 台灣瀑布與野溪溫泉地圖 by 跟著小飛玩 Follow Xiaofei
  • 北中南區水資源經理計畫
  • 探討文章
  • 停水評估系統
  • 實踐節水輔助平台 ...等
5 days ago
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che l
  • 「在 1664 年明鄭時期時,臺南舊城區官方的市區區塊有 4 個坊(東安、西定、寧南、鎮北),這 4 個坊則劃分了分屬 34 個區塊的「里」為地方治安與司法的地區單位,這個制度一直沿用到清代。但在 1851 年時,原本坊的劃分被細分為 7 個「保甲」區;到 1885 年為止總共劃分了 35 個「保甲」區。⋯⋯而城內、外的居民實際上的社會生活機能卻是建立在另一種組織上,也就是「街」、「會」、「境」、「郊」的形成 ⋯⋯。」 https://storystudio.tw/article/gushi/yoshinobu-shiba-1
  • 「臺南地區各條溪流自古常因雨季過大的水勢而改道氾濫,造成人民生活不穩定,對水患產生恐懼,產生拜溪墘、設置辟邪物鎮壓、水退謝神等民俗,本次講者將分享走訪急水溪流域聚落對水患記憶、及祭典相關的田野資料。」
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