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che wei liu

2 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by che wei liu 2 days ago
  • 20151212
che l 時間:20151212
  • 公有地大行動的經驗
  • 針對本土研究社分享的各項專案構想
  • 20190114
地點:南機場公辦都更專案工作站 https://www.facebook.com/nanjichangur/
  • 談到「未善用官地地圖」中的土地形狀,看起來很逼真,是從照片與圖片中,描繪地塊形狀。
  • 南機場公辦都更專案工作站,工作者大炮 分享 工作站的內容。
  • 談到香港重建局的業務觀察心得。
3 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by che wei liu 3 days ago
  • 3000acres borrowed our strategy and created their own tool. Instead of starting with municipal data, they started with a few sites that users submitted and explored the opportunities they presented by researching each one by one, then posting and acting on their findings. These opportunities are turning into growing spaces with the support of 3000acres staff.
  • Cleveland  
  • Baltimore-Green Resources and Outreach for Watersheds (GROW) 
  • Local Code-San Francisco, followed by Los Angeles, New York, and Venice, Italy 
  • NY-New York Restoration Project 
  • SouthChicago -9 Principles of Ethical Redevelopment 
  • SF-Public Space Stewardship Guide 
  • Seoul-GreenTrust 
  • EU-Cities Foundation 
  • EU-Play the City 
  • 提供「臨時集體」所需要的空間使用。用這樣臨時、中介、非正式的空間型態,打開城市各式各樣有趣的空間使用!地點在紐約市,公共空間因此多了趣味與想像力!閱讀更多有趣的過程
  • 山山來書 Peakabook 
  • 書 
  • 新北市立圖書館行動書車 
  • This Iraqi student drives a mobile library to promote community relations and literacy. 
  • Car+Chalkboard 
  • Spacebuster 
  • 針對生活農耕議題的展示車 
  • 胖卡-數位落差行動車 
  • MozBus takes webmaking on the road 
  • Maker Car 行動自造車 
  • 眷村 
  • Coworkspace API 
  • ShareDesk 
  • 倫敦 CoWorkingLondon.com 
  • 柏林 betahaus | Coworking Berlin - Let's work together! 
  • 達拉斯 Common Desk 
  • 曼谷 Hubba-to / Supermachine Studio 

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