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che wei liu

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che l 一棵樹
  • 對話
  • 寫信給樹
  • 墨爾本市自 2013 年發起The Urban Forest Strategy 將所有樹木賦予了自己的專屬ID編號和郵箱,請民眾即刻協助回報所在區域的樹木問題,方便追蹤樹木的情況,進一步規劃樹木的保護策略、增加樹木的種植。後來民眾不僅是報告樹木的問題,還直接給樹寫信,從一般的問候到聊時事感情,內容無所不包。墨爾本環境投資組合委員會主席阿倫·伍德(Arron Wood)說:“電子郵件的互動揭示了墨爾本人對我們樹木的熱愛。”
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都市農業-國際經驗蒐集 Urban Agriculture
che l *「植物發電機」
*which helps you locate public fruit to pick.
*North America
*Central America
*South America
*養雞 Different councils around Australia have different laws regarding roosters. Some of them explicitly prohibit roosters, but many of them don’t make any specific rules for the boys. Chickens are chickens! Here are some examples: 
*Urban Agriculture in Accra, Ghana
*DR Congo: Growing greener cities
*Greening Lubumbashi
*Lubumbashi is the second largest city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since 2000, its population has expanded by more than 50% to at least 1.5 million. Keeping pace with the city's growth, an FAO project has created a flourishing urban and peri-urban horticulture (UPH) sector. The area under horticulture has risen from less than 100 ha to 725 ha. Market gardens ringing the city produce more than 60 000 tonnes of vegetables a year.
*Rural-urban linkages and food systems in sub-Saharan Africa
*肯亞 Kenya
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  • 盤點:已明確「範圍」的法令圖台
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che l [資源] 設計 / 素材 / 資訊視覺化 / 教學與資源

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