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8 hours ago
Unfiled. Edited by 大威 8 hours ago
T5 LED = 13w >117000*13=1521000 kWh*0.5=760500 nis
大威 T5 LED = 8w >117000*8=936000 kWh*0.5=468000 nis
13w > 2106000-760500=every 2 months can save 1345500nis
8w >2106000-468000=every 2 months can save 1638000nis
19 hours ago
Unfiled. Edited by 大威 19 hours ago
  • Our Find a Chapter tool can connect you to other Chapters in your region
  • [feed back notes]
  • scrum*
  • Vanity metric
  • coverage rate
  • justification of the numbers
  • how do you measure the KPI (specific and define)
  • sth. can measure over time
  • phase2 做成excel表格可以選、電費表單一個見證者
  • [2min. case study]
  • Write an email to Moshe and Monika for asking help to start a Net Impact chapter in Technion.
  • Revise the process material.
  • Make a guidebook of ED.***
  • After the new wireframe scope move the code to git.
  • Renew js and try to use py or d3.js.
  • SQL database for appliance table, excel sheet can be an alternative option.
  • Draw the related pic for the ED methodology, and the logo with CIS guideline.
2 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 大威 2 days ago
大威 Draft of final report
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9 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 大威 9 days ago
  • For the Energy Detective project, I revised the Ansoff matrix, to change the "products" to "functions" of ED's website, and the "markets" to "users/page viewers."
大威 Users Penetration
12 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 大威 12 days ago
大威 PI: final presentation
14 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 大威 14 days ago
19 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 大威 19 days ago
  • Find some testimonials in Israel to go through the whole ED process.
  • Plan a workshop for those target audiences (Mrs.D) to help them to do the tasks in step by step.
  • Finish the demo website and guidebook and sent it to DesignBetter.Co (InVision) ask for cooperation.
  • Service delivery to have a testimonial as an example.
  • Save carbon footprint, money, energy, and the world.
  • Have more understanding about the energy, usage in selected space, and other users' behavior.
  • Understand the basic energy knowledge, like how to calculate appliance usage in phase 2.
Short-term Outcomes (The end of the semester)
  • A guideline website (demo wireframe with more info).
  • A guidebook for those prefers entity/substances than checked the info on the Internet.
  • Try to connect the appliance suppliers as a partnership to help the user to fit in the smarter energy saving option. For example, if there are T12 lighting tube in the appliance table (phase2), ED project will give a suggestion to change it to T5 or T3 LED lighting tube.
  • Become a social venture/ educational material/ methodology to help people save energy in a smart way all over the world.
  • Carbon footprints will decrease in every users' life, also save money, energy, and the world.
  • Outcomes as a goal, related to activities to do, measurable are the KPIs.

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