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2100 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 仔魚 , 曾于珊 2100 days ago
  • 補上問題中譯,再麻煩大家幫忙改&徵求幫忙把中文的回應翻成英文的朋友
  • 感謝au幫忙英譯,太神辣
The system (vTaiwan?) consists of the "proposer group" (for example, the FSC (Avoiding abbreviation) proposes equity-based crowdfunding, the Ministry of Economic Affairs proposes the closed-held company case, and the Ministry of Finance proposes taxation for online transactions), the "editorial group" (supported by III's (Institute for Information Industry) Science & Tech Law Institute), the "moderator group" (vTaiwan.tw project community contributors) — they jointly collaborate on the vTaiwan system.
- A proposer (is it a group or an individual as previously it is said the "proposer group") submitted the case for discussion
- Moderators send out working group (there are two seemly subjects in this sentence, bit confusing) invitations to stakeholders and contributors discovered in the previous stage; the working group agrees on meeting times
- The working group iterates on recommendations, which are posted online as discussion topics
- Working group meetings are conducted in a face-to-face format and with live captioning and video broadcast, so anyone can join through online messaging (leaving their opinions online?)
- The proposer may decide whether to continue drafting, taking into account amendments, or move to the stage/phase of finalization
- At the time of finalization, the sponsor (proposer? or the proposer group) shall respond in writing to the specific proposals received in all preceding phases
The above procedure is used, generally, when the issue has well-defined facets (boundaries?). If there is no specific facets, Pol.is may be used during Stage 0, to consolidate opinions from the general public and then run a live-streamed meeting with the gathering of experts, scholars and netizens. ex: Internet sale of liquor; Uber.
I have helped vTaiwan to refine some of the technologies; such as moderating the forum; and served as a real-time bridge (moderator?) to bring online inputs into the live-streamed conference.
From Sep.2017 I start running the vTaiwan operating community, provide people clearer access to join the operating of vTaiwan, built a online platform to transparent all the operation process of vTaiwan. (what is that online platform? hackfoldr?)
We have a routine vTaiwan operating meeting on every Wednesday which everyone can join without anybody's permission with free food, and the minutes of the meeting would be public online immediately. (https://vtw.link/)
Some of the public options became part of new laws, but I don't know if I can tell what's an achievement and what isn't, I tend to leave it to the history.
In the vTaiwan process, the community's procedural functions and the political power of various agencies must be willing to collaborate. That enables the Political Appointee to take up the political responsibility to translate the results of the consultation into specific legal provisions.
Of course, Audrey still plays a valuable (key?) role in her new position, which necessitates corresponding methodologies.
All vTaiwan cases in the past have their own time and space backgrounds, and they can not be generalized into the future. But in any case, science and technology are only supporting structures, and politics is the fundamental core.
I think vTaiwan relies on the Minister too much.
The community must get its own impact in the policy-making process.
To expand the community and keep independent from any single person, organization or government.
As a free democratic country, I believe that government will collaborate with people as long as vTaiwan community could prove that there's REAL needs of people (with a massive amount of opinions), and people would like to provide the solution to problems (good quality of opinions).
So I think we need more people and stakeholders in the community, let more people know about what vTaiwan and what it can do, and translate jargons into a readable text for the public.
2100 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 曾于珊 2100 days ago
  • section two: things i can do
曾于珊 (Do you mean call for collaboration? )
vTaiwan is an online-offline consultation process which brings together government ministries, elected representatives, scholars, experts, business leaders, civil society organizations and citizens. (To do what? Discuss an issue before the law is made?) The process helps lawmakers implement decisions with a greater degree of legitimacy. 
vTaiwan has various touch points such as a website (https://vtaiwan.tw/), a combination of meetings and hackathons along with the consultation process (not quite sure if i undestand this and the next one). vTaiwan is also an open space, it is a combination of time and space run by participants to work on cases brought in.
  • Finnish (?) the cake
2125 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 曾于珊 2125 days ago
vTaiwan.tw 行政院法規線上諮詢系統
2149 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 仔魚 2149 days ago
仔魚 vTaiwan社群FB社團說明文件
  • 麻煩大家幫忙補充
這裡是 vTaiwan 虛擬法規調適平台的工作小組社團,歡迎自由加入成為社群的貢獻者,幫助台灣在制定/修改法規的路上更加開放透明、促進更多的公民參與:)
:emoji_1f5e3: ️提供意見:針對議題提供想法或意見
:emoji_1f4e3: 擴散議題:讓意見徵集被看到
:emoji_270d: 編輯文字:讓議題更加淺顯易懂
:emoji_1f3a8: 影像設計:讓議題更吸睛
:emoji_1f4eb: 意見回饋:提出想法
:emoji_3299: 其實你想做什麼都可以:沒有人是萬能的
或是參加我們的實體活動 #vTaiwan小松
如同g0v 社群,vTaiwan社群也是自由且去中心化的,工作都自主提案參與,分工協作,所有活動沒有強制性,專案皆由社群成員各自發起串連。
:emoji_1f30e: 或是直接就來我們的聚會聊聊吧!
  • 歡迎填寫上面的報名表,參加我們的定期聚會「vTaiwan小松」。
  • 目前每週三在社會創新實驗中心進行, Code of Conduct 並且請在出發之前,詳閱我們的活動守則。
  • 如果在參加之前想先了解每週討論的內容,歡迎參考我們的Trello
https://trello.com/b/vDh5y92i/vtaiwantw-public 「本週小松想討論/做的事情」
  • 也歡迎直接把你想討論的東西加在這裡。
  • 如果你沒辦法參加,但是想了解每週討論的內容遠端參加,歡迎參考我們的小松會議紀錄:
  • vTaiwan的朋友也會參加其他g0v各種各樣的活動,像是g0v黑客松、萌典松等
:emoji_1f4dc: 夥伴是謙虛的、團隊是歡樂的、做事是熱血的,請維持這樣的氣氛。
:emoji_1f4dc: 雖然是熱血的,但也是專業的,發言前最好先作好功課,言之有據。
:emoji_1f4dc: 雖然是歡樂的,但請節制水量和注意水質。
:emoji_1f4dc: 雖然是謙虛的,但也不用把自己貶抑到火星文或白字連篇的國小程度。
:emoji_1f4dc: 團隊喜歡正面的建議與執行,不喜歡負面的批評。對事不對人,而且不要指責他人。
:emoji_1f4dc: 友善回應新人提問,不要隨便就RTFM(Read The F Manual)或是STFG(Searching The FGoogle)
:emoji_2709: 歡迎來信至:vtaiwan@googlegroups.com

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