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788 days ago
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  • Make sure to include details: What exactly have you been working on? How much time? What were the self-set deadlines? Did you meet the deadlines? If not? why?
792 days ago
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  • [Step 1: Planning]
1. How did you come up with the idea of your social venture?
The idea of the Energy Detective (ED) project come up from the original Campus Energy Saving (CES) project started at my home university. The CES project focuses on developing a standard Decision Supporting Assessment (DSA) to assist the campus by establishing a comprehensive energy-saving plan. The ED project, instead, is a methodology for the public to detect and discover solutions for energy waste in their daily lives. In short, both projects provide an energy saving methodology. The difference is that while CES has a management perspective focusing on the campus scale, the ED has the user perspective for his/her own selected space.
827 days ago
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  • Scale up - Ansoff Matrix
832 days ago
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837 days ago
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  • Find some testimonials in Israel to go through the whole ED process.
  • Plan a workshop for those target audiences (Mrs.D) to help them to do the tasks in step by step.
  • Finish the demo website and guidebook and sent it to DesignBetter.Co (InVision) ask for cooperation.
838 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 大威 838 days ago
Energy Detective (ED) project aims to design a process to engage people in evaluating energy usage in their daily lives and providing tailored-solution options, making energy-saving decisions easier. Some of the gamification elements might be added to the ED process:
838 days ago
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  • Wei-jing HO, 2018/11/15

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