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Patrick Connolly

149 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Patrick Connolly 149 days ago
出席patcon, peace, fiorella, rainhard fuch, avross, ___
87 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 仔魚 , Patrick Connolly , Peace 87 days ago
Translation: English
之前聽到 Peace 和Fiorella討論,講到一些明年 vTaiwan 可能要面對的問題,這樣我們需要討論一些吸引政府繼續投資的方法嗎?還有是否要討論一些 vTaiwan 的社群原則(如何保持透明等等)?
Peace 想要討論明年的工作方式
75 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Patrick Connolly 75 days ago
moed1ct, g0v art1st, hackad0n, ... 各專案小松可考慮的地點
94 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 仔魚 , Ronny Wang , Wellson , Patrick Connolly , Yun-Chen Chien 94 days ago
Wifi: PDIS_Public_5G/ji394pdis
Translation: English
18:30-19:00 報到 Arrival and Registration
19:00-19:15 開場、自我介紹 
  • 提案區(大家都可以提案喔)
  • 要不要申請g0v Grant
  • 要不要改用hack MD
Ronny W
  • 給個好消息,我覺得上週 hackpad 機器加倍後,現在穩定很多,這個議題或許可以考慮晚點再想了
  • 耶!
  • 分享區(大家都可以提案喔)
  • 小班:分享多倫多vTaiwan工作坊
Patrick C
  • @ael can you share the other one with 4 opinion groups? (I'd love it for later demo)
從加拿大看數位政府 — 公務員培力、組織改造與使用者中心(小班去加拿大心得)
115 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 仔魚 , Audrey Tang , Patrick Connolly , Michael_Li 115 days ago
Wifi: PDIS_Public_5G/ji394pdis
Translation: English
Audrey T
  • 已將過程及共筆交給羅政委辦公室、尤立委辦公室
  • 更新官網:iWin的簡報、tmonk的簡報、尤辦草案(雨蒼再問能不能公開)
  • 10/31  跨部門資料運用線上諮詢會議
  • 公部門?法協和/或資管處?
  • 雨蒼本次的主持人收入捐給小松(10/31)
Audrey T
  • 行政協助:
  • 紀錄(坐主持人旁邊):子魚
  • 文播(中):Kevin
Patrick C
  •  offline opinion phase via sociometric badges (@kevinphy / @patcon) 
Audrey T
  • Social Physics
  • Evidence supports that content of what is discussed — while words are important — can almost be ignored and focus on the pattern of speaking. A group in which one person talks all the time don't reach their shared goals together; whereas more effective ways of interacting are short bursts of information from everyone, and lots of different perspectives are represented, so the group can reach the common goal more effectively.
  • This area of study (documented in a book of the same name) is not as focused on the digital spaces — rather high-bandwidth face to face spaces that we are evolved to work in. What they created measures the volume of people and the proximity of people speaking to each other. They get offices and families to wear this to collect a lot of data. There is two experiments...
  • The first one is almost an excuse to build an openbadge prototype, get this made (it's open hardware) and try it out — there is a hub (github.com/HumanDynamics/openbadge-hub-py) to visualize behavior that may reflect how people e.g. work in a Hackathon.
  • The goal is to give people perspective of an overview of speech patterns, as well as exploring new forms of idea in group dynamics.
  • In RightsCon, 
  • 坑(待辦事項認領區)
129 days ago
出席仔魚、雨蒼、小啾、patcon、fio、Kevin (kjcl)、YT Chen、sylin、小蟹
Wifi: PDIS_Public_5G/ji394pdis
Translation: English
Shu L 對不起我的中文不好 Sorry my Chinese is not goodgood
18:30-19:00 報到
19:00-19:15 開場、自我介紹
  • 10/17 裸照外流案 NCII
仔魚 利害關係人:Irvin、誠夏(+柏峰)、婦會(再確認)、Nicole 派人來
小蟹 李
  • todo:羅秉成(請雨蒼詢問)
  • 雨蒼建議:可以先開一個線上共筆,討論如果裸照已經被貼上去之後,有什麼可以兼顧人權和緊急下架(減少後續傷害)的做法or流程?
  • 對象是搜尋引擎還是網站?
小蟹 李
  • 請搜尋引擎把 index 到的連結移除
  • 1. 請 womany 10/16 前幫忙提供認為比較好的執行方案
  • 2. 請社群 可以提供執行方案
  • 雨蒼:開場簡報應加入DNS、IP、關鍵字過濾、router、作業系統本身、瀏覽器插件、防毒軟體之類的技術性教學,避免淪為封與不封之爭
  • 去哪裡貼?
  • 之前填過問卷的朋友:小蟹
  • 反封網的社群:雨蒼
  • PTT 女版:子魚
  • 任何地方
小蟹 李
  • 報到:Avross、Kevin
  • 現場逐字稿 Wendy?
  • 直播:Avross、Patcon、Kevin
  • 主持:Tmonk
  • 10/31  跨部門資料運用線上諮詢會議
Shu L
  • 貼公革力:書漾 ! done!
  • 目前要資料的方式:
  • 如果有機器可讀,應先開放機器可讀資料
  • 拘束地方政府(其他院不行)
  • 政府資訊公開法
  • 不一定是機器可讀
 g0v  g0v meme

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